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Green Eyes

Green Eyes


How can you all sit there? You don't even look at the empty seat in the middle of the class.
And oh what a strange site it is.
Do you see it?
Her ghost appears in the seat her arms so bloody and grostequie.
No one even blinks an eye.
Its been happening since she died.


She is there today, earlier then anyone else.
I'm suprised to see her as she is me.
She blinks her hollow green eyes at me and smiles a bloody smile.

"You can see me."

It's not a question and I do.
I see all of her. All of her so clearly. Every scar, cut, bruise.
Every drop of blood.
All of her.
My mouth goes dry and I blink, squezze my eyes shut but I am broken out of my trance by a touch on my shoulder.
I jump and turn to look in the brown eyes of my friend Jamie.
Brown, not green.
And I let out a sigh.

"What's wrong? You look like you've seen a ghost."

And out the corner of my eye I see the bloody girls gone and where the pool of blood once was is nothing but clean white tiles.
I msile shakily and laugh,

"Yeah...a ghost."

My voice tremors but she miles any ways.
We're both not fooled.


I believe she's finally gone.
She hasn't sat in her seat in ages.
Class starts and we let out a collective sigh.
Again she's not here.


Three weeks and not a spec of blood.
The class is loud with chatter but we all soon quiet at the sight of our teacher.
...There is a girl with her.

"Now if only I could get you to do that all the time."

Our teacher jokes.
I can understand why the atmosphere is suddenly so tense.
We all know where the new girl hiding will sit.
The teacher clears her voice.

"Well class," our teacher begins "this is Sinoa Bolshevik." and she moves away.

The girl is tall and beautiful.
She must have been crouching in order to have hid behind our teacher.
She has what looks to be fiery red hair, milky skin with freckles and...green eyes.
Her eyes meet mine.
I reconize those eyes and suddenly I see the bloody girl in her place.
I let out a squeek and the class turns twords me, but I do not really notice as I continue to stare at the girl.
I blink and it's Sinoa again.
She's no longer grinning.


It goes on for days, all in random places, all at random times.
I'll see Sinoa at the store and when I smile at her she would grin, like she knew.
I would see her at school and then she would suddenly dissapear and then just as suddenly reappear.
Right infront of me.

"Apparently," my friends would say "You just didn't see her."

This girl.
This Sinoa.
She is driving me crzy and everyone can see it.