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gattaca quotes

It was the last time we swam together and out into the open sea
like always knowing each stroke to the horizon was one that we would have to make back to the shore
but something was very diffrent about that day
every time Antone tried to pull away he found me right beside him
until finally the impossible happend,

"vincent, vincent!"

it was the one moment in our libves that my brother was not as strong as he believed and i was not as weak
it was the moment that made everything else possible


I belonged to a new underclass
no longer determined by social status or the color of your skin
we now have discrimination down to a science


I was never more certin with how far away i was from my goal
then when i was standing right beside it


for all my brave talk i knew it was just that
no matter how much i trained or how much i studied
the best test score in the world wasnt going to matter unless i had the blood test to go with it


for the gentecially superior sucess is easier to obtain
but is by no means garinteed
after all...there is no gene for fait


"You want to know how i did it?
this is how i did it antone.
i never saved anything for the swim back."


"you couldnt see could you?
that night we crossed the street.
you crossed any way."


"i dont know how to thank you."

"No no. i got the better end of the bargin.
I only lent you my body.
You lent me your dream."


"I never told you about my son have i?
he's a big fan of yours"

"just remember i was as good as any and better than most"


for someone who was never ment for this world i must confes
...i'm having a hard time leaving it
of course they say every atom in our body was once part of a star.
maybe i'm not leaving, maybe i'm going home.