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Thinking like this...

...Is all I'm good at.

11 July 1990
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Hmm, what can I say about me?

Who am I?
I'm JW. I'm a mean, spiteful, bitchy cruel person.
I have no qualms with lying, cheating, stealing or manipulating people to get my way.
If real life was Hogwarts I would fit perfectly with the Slytherins.
I'm an angry person who is constantly yelling or complaining about something or another.

But don't get me wrong.
I do do nice things if your my friend and if I respect you then I let you know.
If I trust you then I trust you wholly and if I love you then I love you with all that I am. In that way I am Gryffindor.

I am a person who lives life by roles.
I play the role of the good responsible person(friend) when around adults.
I hold doors open, I say please, I say thank you and I smile quite a lot.
I shed my childishness and take on the air of someone intelligent and mature for my age.
When I'm around children I act kind hearted and fun.
Though around some kids it's hard for me to act nice.
I can't help but lash out at some and it does not bother me much when I let a mask slip.
In school it depends on who I'm around.
Really, I believe if you plan to get far then you must fit in everywhere and I do do just that.
I'm not just one person but many and I have no problem with that.

I am underhanded and I do hold grudges.
When I feel as if I have been wronged then do believe I will get back at you.
Quickly or slowly either way my retaliation will be twice as harsh and equally cruel.

Do understand that I can be nice.
It's just you never know when I'm being nice because I want something or if I'm being nice because I'm genuine.

That's who I am...Do you still want to get to know me?